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14:47 - 20/11/2015
Thanks to the wide hilly area, in recent years, the Farmers Union of Lang Son Commune (Ha Hoa, Phu Tho) has boosted emulation movements in production and business. Since then there have been many models with high economic efficiency, in which the breeding model of Mr. Tran Van Manh born in 1979 - a member of Branch 5, Lang Son is a typical one. Except for the household expenses, his interest is 500-600 million VND each year.

After several years working at other provinces, in early 2007, with a little capital, Mr. Manh and his wife returned hometown and determined to enrich in his homeland. When starting to raise chickens, beside breeding facility construction costs, he invested about 10 million VND in 300 chickens. Initially he bred Vietnamese chickens and Egypt chickens. Then, not only relatives but also neighbors worried for the young couple about large investments.
With the determination to establish the business in the homeland, Mr. Manh studied himself the farming and disease prevention techniques from books and practical experience in the surrounding farms. Thus, his chickens thrived, bringing positive initial results. Then he continued with the next litters of chickens; until 2012 he bred 1000-1500 chickens for each litter.

After four years of breeding and scaling, Manh’s farm had a total area of ​​1.5 ha with over 5,000 chickens. Realizing the high demand of chickens in the commune, Mr. Manh bravely invested 70 million in two incubators and a heater for chicks. Incubators with capacity of 3,000-4,000 eggs have hatching rate of over 85%.

Since having incubators, Mr. Manh has taken the initiative in the source of good quality chickens for his farm and providing large amounts of chickens for farmers inside and outside the commune with the price of 9,000-11,000 VND/chicken. Each day, his farm sells more than 2,000 chickens for many markets such as Yen Bai, Vinh Phuc and neighboring districts such as Thanh Ba, Phu Ninh, Doan Hung. Vietnamese chicken he breeds are quite big, strong, easy to feed, and very popular on the market. He said that except for expenses, he earns 3 million VND interest by selling more than 2,000 chickens everyday. Each year, the sum of revenues from chickens is 400-500 million VND except for expenses.

Besides, Mr. Manh ponds for 400 African sharptooth catfish having the weight of 4-5kg/fish and breeds 20-30 pigs, builds biogas plant for livestock waste treatment and fuel supplication for living. "In large breeding, environmental problems cannot be overlooked. If the environment is polluted, chickens and pigs are very susceptible to diseases causing great damage. Making biogas to protect environment and use waste to cook brings economic benefits", said Mr. Manh.

Each year he makes about 600 million VND profit from his farm. Not only to enrich himself but Mr. Manh also helps neighbors, membership, farmers in the commune. He instructs others in the chicken care and treatment techniques, and also facilitates farmers’ breeding development by selling chickens on credit. Therefore people in the neighborhood really admire him. In the Advanced Typical Conference period 2010- 2015 of Ha Hoa district, Mr. Manh attended as a representative of Lang Son commune.

In early 2014, after visiting the orangery model in Cao Phong district (Hoa Binh), he determined to grow orange trees on his farm. Immediately he bought an acre of hilly land and went to Institute of seed in Hanoi to buy 200 pink lemon trees and 1,800 Canh orange trees, which thrive after 4 months.

So far, Mr. Manh's breeding model with the size of 1.5ha, nearly 5,000 chickens, pigs, fish and the garden of oranges, lemons has become the largest and the most effective breeding model of Lang Son commune. Thanks to the large scale and the diversity of animals, he can take the initiative in selling poultry regardless of precarious market prices. He always pays attention to ensuring the quality of the product so customers put trust in him. Farmers always trust and buy his family's chickens. He confided to us that in the future he would continue to maintain and expand the farm scale. Firstly, he would feed more several hundred pigs, and then learn and feed other animals. With his determination and experience, Mr. Manh will be more successful, generating income for his family and creating jobs for local workers.

Hai Binh – by Mai Huong
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