The owner of VAC farm manages the farming work by camera and computer.
11:12 - 24/08/2015
In order to save the time for keeping an eye on a large farm with many cultivating areas, Mr. Duong assembled many cameras to observe the whole farm. This system is connected to TV and computer, so he can supervise the farm's activities even when staying at home.

Lotus productivity is 10 times as much as rice productivity

In 2009, after getting marriage, Mr. Duong determined to do his business as a farmer in his hometown. On his family's field, he bravely asked the commune to contract more cultivating areas which total is about 5 hectares to build the concept of VAC farm system.

Most of these areas are low-lying fields which provide low rice productivity and need to be cared a lot, and it is not able to apply mechanization. He concerned that to make high profit by these areas, products must have high quality and meet the market’s requirement.
Therefore, he investigated carefully the terrain and the quality of soil used for plants, and he also conducted a market survey. Finally, he decided to grow commercial lotus on low-lying areas combining with feeding fish.
He transformed 2 hectares of paddy-field to grow lotus and dammed up higher to keep water. In March, when it was warmer, he started to plant lotus seeds. Thanks to that the quality of lands which has been taken a good care appropriated with lotus, there was the stable harvest on Mr. Duong’s lotus ponds after 2 months.
Mr. Duong said that all parts of lotus including lotus seeds, flowers, lotus roots and lotus rhizomes could be used for commercial purpose. Dealers came to his home to purchase them.
Lotus can be sold everyday, especially in the first day and the full-moon day of every lunar months, lotus is sold like hot cakes to meet the requirement of fresh flowers to respect for ancestors or to decorate. Lotus roots and rhizomes can be used as food and sold very briskly. Lotus leaves are also purchased by dealers for 100,000 VND per one packet with the purpose of medical preparation.
The yield of lotus seeds is the largest amount which can make the highest profit. With the price of 40,000 VND per 1 kilogram of fresh lotus seeds, he can earn a handsome profit which is over 130 million in a year.
As Mr. Duong said, it is very easy to grow lotus which does not take a lot of manpower and cost to take care. The required water-level of the field is just about 25 to 30 centimetres, then the water will be flowed additionally when lotus are fully grown. During this time, dry and dead leaves must be removed so that lotus can photosynthesize better and produce more lotus rhizomes.
Lotus is a species grown under-water, and they are sustainable and not harmed by insect. However, lotus field is in the middle of these area, so there are some harmful medium sized edible snails. Besides, there are some worms eating lotus leaves occasionally; therefore, it is essential to check them usually and remove harmed leaves.
As being calculated, the area converting to grow lotus brought the economic efficiency which is 10 times greater than growing rice to his family. Two hectares of low-lying field used to have a low rice productivity, little profit for many years, and even it can be sold at a loss if the calamity takes place; however, it can be made the major profit for his family on these areas at present.
According to NNVN – Translator: Quynh Hoa
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